Semi- Auto Biochemistry Analyzer

Semi- Auto Biochemistry Analyzer

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1. Reasonable software, programmable biochemical test menu, 200 test programmes can be 
2. 1000 patients test data can be saved.
3. Clock CMOS chip inserted.
4. Hermetic solid-state optical system, low contamination of dust and dampness,long life 
time of hard membrane filters.
5. Back spectro photometry, 8 hard membrane filter, separate signal process circuit for 
each wavelength, filters select completed electronically,no mechanical movement.
6. Titanium alloy flow cell with small capacity and minimize cross-contamination.
7. Back-light LCD monitor and display character and curve simultaneously
8. Self-test program, test error<1%, CV<3%

Temperature :0℃-40℃
Humidity: 5-80%

Technical feature:
1.Analysis method: kinetics, end point, two point, etc.
2.Power supply: 20w/12V halogen light, life time: 2000hr
3.Optical system: 340-800nm, 8 hard membrane filter: 340, 380, 405, 492, 510, 546, 578, 
630nm(wavelength). Accuracy±2nm
4???Abs range: -2.500—2.5Abs, resolution:0.001Abs.
5???Flow cell: titanium quartz alloy, 33uL; optical path: 10mm.
6???Temperature: PELTIER elements, 25,30,37 0.1±℃
7???Precision: error<1%, drift<5mAbs/hr
8???200 test programmes can be saved
9. 58mm thermal printer, no noise, high speed, easy maintenance.
10???Keyboard: 24 keys touch keyboard
11???Power supply: 220V±15%, 50Hz, 70VA
12???Interface: standard RS232 serial interface
13???Dimensions : 460(L)x380(W)x200(H)mm
14???Weight: 8Kg(net), 10Kg(gross)